About us

We are Savvy4, a custom data solutions company. We offer consulting and end-to-end custom data solutions for our clients. A key differentiator is that rather than force our clients into a single, preferred 3rd party or proprietary-to-us platform, we design and build client-owned solutions tailored to fulfill the specific needs and/or desires of those clients.

We work with our clients to determine their goals and where challenges currently exist in their existing data collection, marketing, and analytics platforms, workflows, and methodologies. We then set out to design and develop a system which best solves for the challenges and achieves the goals.

Savvy4 is owned and operated by 4 self-admitted data geeks. The four of us met several years ago while contracted by an agency to build an end-to-end global marketing, advertising, and analytics platform for a Fortune 10 company. Individually frustrated with being locked into the limitations of the 3rd party technologies we were integrating, we each began creating "hacks" and custom solutions to achieve our goals, much to the acclaim of our clients.

We soon realized that as a team we could begin to solve even the most complex challenges and goals, at any scale, for any client. Our unique experiences and talents complimented each other, each had built a global network of trusted data and technology experts, and each held a solid reputation creating solutions for technology vendors, agencies, and brand-direct; mom-and-pop to Fortune 500 companies alike. The idea of Savvy4 was born.

Fast-forward a couple years and Savvy4 is a reality.

Our Services

Strategy Solutions

Understand and solve the most complex problems in organizations from mom and pop to Fortune 500 companies

Cloud Solutions

Provide everything between data retrieval through analytics dashboard

Data Science Solutions

Leverage the latest in data science techniques to solve the business issues of your organizations

Partnership in Solving Problems

Understand the issues and utilize technology to solve and evolve business to meet the demands of a competitive landscape

We use technology that you use

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